Brotherhood of St. Dismas

Discovering Catholicism

Brotherhood of St. Dismas

The Church & the Sacraments

Presented by the St. Dismas Brotherhood
Holy Family Cathedral, Orange, California

Resources cited in the talks to be used for further study:

Printed Resources
The Bible The Catechism of the Catholic Church
Rediscover Catholicism - Matthew Kelly Reason to Believe - Scott Hahn
Catholic Answers magazine God and the World - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Beginning Apologetics series - Jim Burnham Encyclical on Faith and Reason (Fides Et Ratio) - Pope John Paul II
Where is That in the Bible - Patrick Madrid The Essential Catholic Survival Guide - Catholic Answers
Why is That in Tradition - Patric Madrid Answer Me This - Patrick Madrid
Swear to God - Scott Hahn Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Class Handouts
Discovering Catholicism Series Updated Calendar of Talks as of 3/12
Proofs for the Existence of God St. Thomas Aquinas - The 5 Ways
Purgatory - 4 phases The Great Heresies
Resources and Websites Infant Baptism
Intro to Sacraments - notes The Bibile Cheat Sheet
EWTN - Catholic Apologist Cheat Sheet The Catholic Apologist’s Scriptural Cheat Sheet
The Chief Rabbi of Rome's Conversion The Eucharist - notes handout
The Sacrafice of the Mass The Ratzinger Report - On the Liturgy
Q&A Homily by Layperson Q&A Lay Preaching on Good Friday
The Mass and Scripture Lent & Ash Wednesday
The Prayer Page

Online Resources
The Vatican Catholic Resources - Fr. Felix Just
Catholic Answers Catechism and Faith Formation - Knights of Columbus
The Great Heresies - Catholic Answers Who Started Your Church
EWTN broadcasts Catholicism - presented by Fr. Robert Barron Catholics Come Home videos, questions and answers - presented by Fr. Robert Barron
Litany of St. Joseph Ignatius Catholic Study Bible used by Victor in the class
The Catechism on Marriage The Goods And Requirements Of Conjugal Love
Marriage, Divorce and The Pauline Privilege Contraception: Why It's Wrong
HUMANAE VITAE The Vatican website